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  • Michel Asperas

How to Legit Check the Yeezy 700 Wave Runner

Legit Check Reference Guide For: Yeezy 700 Wave Runner

How to use these legit check posts:

· Compare the pair you want to legit check to the photos in the post. If you have in hand, great! If you are comparing photos, try and get similar angles from the seller.

· Focus on spacing, stitching, materials, placement, and shape. Details are very important to do your best to compare each little detail. Color shades can vary based on lighting of photos, so it may be difficult to compare solely off color.

· Remember that even authentic pairs have slight variations sometimes. Don’t automatically assume a pair may be fake due to the tiniest differences. There are some extremely well-made replicas though. Legit checking can be tough sometimes, but you will have to use your best judgement.

· Always buy from reputable sellers (like us 😊) and make sure you are protected (ex. PayPal invoice).

*This pair pictured was worn. It is a size 11 for size reference.


Compare the overall shape. I've seen many fakes with just an awful overall shape. Pay attention to the proportions and placement of certain parts. The 3M stripes beneath the side mesh should not be very visible. They should be very subtle.


Compare the size and shape of the toe cap grey suede panel. Also compare the placement of the 3M strip at the front where the laces first loop through.


Be sure to compare the shape/mold of the midsole. Some fakes tend to get the mesh near the heel incorrect and the netting should cover the three 3M stripes so you can only subtly see them.


Check for a natural indentation on the heel right at the top of the punched "dots." Many fakes tend to not have this natural indentation. There are also tiny "nipples" going down the center of the midsole.


Check to compare overall shape and placement of each section.


The Yeezy 700 has a very unique shape.


Typically the outsole will look fairly similar between authentic and fake pairs. But here is a reference picture to still compare.


Remember that there are two types of box labels. The euro and many YeezySupply pairs have this type of box label.


Here is an upclose photo of the US box label. Make sure the person figure in the upper left corner is crisp and clean. The shoulders should be rounded and not have sharp shoulders. Be sure to compare fonts,spacing, and placement of everything. Also compare the lettering and font on the box itself, above and below the label


With size tags, always compare fonts, sizing, placement, and spacing. One thing to look for as well is the spacing between the size tag and the vertical "YEEZY" label to the left of the size tag.


Many fakes tend to skip out on stitching quality under the insole. Make sure the stitching is just as tight and isn't excessively spaced. Also ensure the fabric has a hole cut out near the heel, exposing the boost.


Check the mold underneath the insoles. Fakes tend to have sloppy molds and the Adidas logo especially will be sloppy.

When legit checking the Yeezy 700, overall shape is a big factor. Be sure to check the placement and sizing of all the different parts as there are many layers to the shoe. Also be sure to check overall quality of stitching. If it's too sloppy, be cautious! Stay Hype!

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