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  • Michel Asperas

How to Legit Check the Nike Off-White Presto OG

Legit Check Reference Guide For: Nike Off-White Presto OG

How to use these legit check posts:

· Compare the pair you want to legit check to the photos in the post. If you have in hand, great! If you are comparing photos, try and get similar angles from the seller.

· Focus on spacing, stitching, materials, placement, and shape. Details are very important to do your best to compare each little detail. Color shades can vary based on lighting of photos, so it may be difficult to compare solely off color.

· Remember that even authentic pairs have slight variations sometimes. Don’t automatically assume a pair may be fake due to the tiniest differences. There are some extremely well-made replicas though. Legit checking can be tough sometimes, but you will have to use your best judgement.

· Always buy from reputable sellers (like us 😊) and make sure you are protected (ex. PayPal invoice).

*This pair pictured was worn. It is a size 11 for size reference.


Be sure to check the overall shape. The shoe should have a slight natural curve up with the midsole. Also, notice the height of the tongue in relevance with the rest of the shoe.


Check the toe cap heights of the shoe. Compare to make sure that the height of the toe area is not too high or low.

*There is a flaw on this pair pictured. A piece of the exposed foam was ripped off the corner of the tongue on the left shoe.


Again, be sure to check the overall shape of the shoe. Be sure to compare the spacing and sizing of each part of the shoe to ensure everything is proportionally correct.


The heel strap loop should be translucent. It should not be too opaque or transparent. The top heel should have the clear/foggy strip with the zig-zag stitching. Be sure to check that your pair does not have sloppy stitching compared to this photo.


The outsole should be pretty identical to this, as the molds will be the same. One thing to note is that the left and right shoe outsoles are NOT mirror images of each other. Look closely at the square sections and you'll see there are slight differences towards the inner panel of the shoe. This is how it should be! Think siblings but not identical twins.


The swoosh on the midsole will be fairly similar to the midsole material and identical in color. Many fakes have this mini swoosh made of plastic and will be glossy and a different color from the midsole.


This small detail can be very important. The orange tab should be slightly rounded on the corners. It should not have perfect 90 degree angle cuts. Notice the size of the tab as well. Compare size to make sure yours is not too long or short.