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How to Legit Check the Nike Air Force 1 Travis Scott OG White

How to Legit Check and Authenticate: Nike Air Force 1 Travis Scott OG White

How to use these legit check posts:

· Compare the pair you want to legit check to the photos in the post. If you have in hand, great! If you are comparing photos, try and get similar angles from the seller.

· Focus on spacing, stitching, materials, placement, and shape. Details are very important to do your best to compare each little detail. Color shades can vary based on the lighting of photos, so it may be difficult to compare solely off color.

· Remember that even authentic pairs have slight variations sometimes. Don’t automatically assume a pair may be fake due to the tiniest differences. There are some extremely well-made replicas though. Legit checking can be tough sometimes, but you will have to use your best judgment.

· Always buy from reputable sellers (like us 😊) and make sure you are protected (ex. PayPal invoice).

*These pairs pictured were worn. They were a size 10.5 and 11.5 for size reference.


Many fakes tend to get the overall shape wrong. This may take a trained eye to see differences, but it's best to compare pane proportions to really compare.



You want to make sure that the ankle collar area isn't too flat. Look for that curve in the shape. Also, check for the shape of the heel patch with the shoe. Many fakes tend to get the heel patch shape incorrect.



Be sure to compare the tongue patches and check for clean embroidery. This doesn't seem to be a huge problem with fakes, but still, make sure. Also, do the same with the "grills." Compare the height of the toe cap, as fakes tend to get the toe cap too tall and bulky.



The back will often be a big giveaway. The vertical strip that runs from the midsole to the top heel patch should have 11 or so stitches running along on each side. Overall, it should run to just under half of the back part of the upper. Fakes tend to have this vertical strip too short, with only 6-7 stitches and taking up only 1/3 of the back upper height.



Make sure the pair you're checking has 3M reflective material where it should be. You can see in the photo it will be on the two strips along the side panels, around the toe box, the eyelets, around the eyelets, around the tongue, and also the lace tips (aglets). If there are any parts that don't have 3M when it should, the pair is fake.



With box labels, you really have to look at the details. Compare fonts, font sizing, alignment, and the obvious, content. Make sure the name is "AIR FORCE 1 LOW TRAVIS SCOTT" and the colorway is "WHITE/WHITE/WHITE." Check to make sure the SKU is "AQ4211 100." Alignment is a big key, so make sure every part of the label aligns how it should.



Also, notice how the price tab to the very right has rounded corners, it should not be right 90 degree angles. This price tab does not really come off easily, but with many fake boxes, the price tab is already missing. A missing price tab doesn't give away that it is a fake, however, you should be cautious when inspecting a pair and box that is missing the price tab.



Check out the mini-swoosh here on the end of the eyelets and right above the toe box. It should be fairly clean stitching, not too stubby, and compare the angle that the tip of the swoosh is pointing. Fakes tend to make this mini-swoosh too short and stubby, and the tip of the swoosh will be pointing more to a 1 O' Clock angle rather than 2 O' Clock angle.



Make sure the insoles have the black "Nike Air" logo on the heel area, and that there is the black and white 'TRAVIS" and "SCOTT" designs in the backward font.



One thing to look for is that the individual eyelets have consistent spacing with the eyelet panel. All seven eyelets should have even spacing from the edge of the panel, and they should be in a fairly straight line.



Here is a close up look of the heel. This area typically will be a big giveaway. Also, the upside-down "Nike Air" logo will glow in the dark.



Again, make sure there are 3M reflective hits when the flash is on taking a photo.



Compare the swoosh pack cardboard and just make sure the design matches up. With the extra swooshes, make sure the shape is correct and that the stitching around the swooshes is clean and aligned.


This concludes the legit check reference guide for the Nike Air Force 1 Travis Scott OG White. Always be smart and protect yourself when dealing with expensive pairs! If your gut says fake, trust your instinct and walk away from any uncomfortable deals!


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