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  • Michel Asperas

How to Legit Check the Nike Air Jordan 4 Retro Travis Scott/Cactus Jack

How to Legit Check and Authenticate: Nike Air Jordan 4 Retro Travis Scott/Cactus Jack

How to use these legit check posts:

· Compare the pair you want to legit check to the photos in the post. If you have in hand, great! If you are comparing photos, try and get similar angles from the seller.

· Focus on spacing, stitching, materials, placement, and shape. Details are very important to do your best to compare each little detail. Color shades can vary based on the lighting of photos, so it may be difficult to compare solely off of color.

· Remember that even authentic pairs have slight variations sometimes. Don’t automatically assume a pair may be fake due to the tiniest differences. There are some extremely well-made replicas though. Legit checking can be tough sometimes, but you will have to use your best judgment.

· Always buy from reputable sellers (like us 😊) and make sure you are protected (ex. PayPal invoice).

*The pair pictured was worn. They are a size 11 for size reference.


  • Be sure to compare the overall shape

  • Compare the slope of the plastic "wings" tab"

  • Look to see a similar "splatter" pattern on the eyelets and "wings". It shouldn't be too much or lacking.

  • Make sure the toe box isn't too bulky or "square". The natural slopes should have the right curvature.



  • Make sure there aren't any protruding "widows peaks", aka, small triangle-shaped cuts in the middle of the toecap and netting area.

  • Look to compare the height of the tongues in comparison with the shoe. Some fakes tend to make the tongue too short.

  • Slight glue stains at the edge of the upper and the outsole are common for authentic pairs. Don't let that alarm you.



  • Again, follow similar comparisons from the first photo.

  • Also, pay attention to the curvature of the sock liner. It shouldn't be too flat or too curved.

  • Also, take note of the spacing between each layer of leather on the upper.



  • Pay attention to the heel tabs.

  • Make sure the Cactus Jack Logo and Jumpman are spot-on.

  • Look for font, size, and spacing between the top and bottom of the logos.

  • Also, check for similar and consistent blue "splatter" patterns on the heel tabs.

  • Stitching is also very important. It should be clean and tight around the edges.



  • Continue to compare shape and spacing between layers.

  • Also, take note of the slopes of the plastic "wings" and how the section of netting underneath them matches up.



  • Definitely compare shape from this view, fakes tend to do a poor job correctly getting the overall shoe shape right, especially from this angle.

  • Also, compare the insole design as best as you can.



  • Make sure the red Jumpman is centered correctly and is the right size. The "white/clear" parts of the outsole should not be "icy" or have a blue tint. The outsole is just solid black and translucent white.