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How to Legit Check the Nike Air Force 1 x Off-White "Volt"

How to Legit Check and Authenticate: How to Legit Check the Nike Air Force 1 x Off-White "Volt"

How to use these legit check posts:

· Compare the pair you want to legit check to the photos in the post. If you have in hand, great! If you are comparing photos, try and get similar angles from the seller.

· Focus on spacing, stitching, materials, placement, and shape. Details are very important to do your best to compare each little detail. Color shades can vary based on the lighting of photos, so it may be difficult to compare solely off of color.

· Remember that even authentic pairs have slight variations sometimes. Don’t automatically assume a pair may be fake due to the tiniest differences. There are some extremely well-made replicas though. Legit checking can be tough sometimes, but you will have to use your best judgment.

· Always buy from reputable sellers (like us 😊) and make sure you are protected (ex. PayPal invoice).

*The pair pictured was worn. They are a size 10.5 for size reference.


Side Angle One

  • Be sure to compare the overall shape and stitching.

  • Notice the size and width of the "zig-zag" stitching around the border of the Swoosh.

  • Also, pay attention to the size of the swoosh and its position relative to the three side panels.


Front Angle

  • Compare the height of the toe box and ensure it's similarly shaped and not too "boxy."

  • Notice how there is a slight gap from the surface and the top of the outsole due to the curvature of the sole. It should not lay flat flush to the surface

  • Also, notice the "staggered" lace holes from this point-of-view. The lace holes should not align in a straight line.


Side Angle Two

  • Compare the size and placement of the "AIR" stamp on the midsole.

  • Notice the size and location of the orange tab stitched underneath the Swoosh.

  • Also, compare the curvature of the leather cut at the heel. It starts right above the first set of quotations in "AIR" and curves to just under the suede heel tab.


Back Angle

  • Details are very important here. Be sure to compare the detailed texture of the material used for the lower-half section of the heel.

  • Also, compare the font, size, and placement of the black text on the heels.

  • Compare the embossed "LOGO" and Swoosh on the heel tabs. It should be a distinct emboss.

  • Continue to compare the sizing, shape, and placement of each section. There are a lot of details here.


Inner Panels

  • Overall, compare the placement and shape of the swoosh.

  • Also, notice where the Swoosh overlays in relevance to the black text on the inner panels. The text that is covered/shown should be fairly consistent throughout retail pairs.

  • Notice the distance between the border of the swoosh and other portions of the shoe.



  • Many replica factories have a decent Air Force 1 sole mold, so typically there aren't too many noticeable differences unless it's a terrible replica.

  • The main things to look for are the "star" patterns at the toe and heel, as well as the Nike Logo placement.


Bird's Eye View

  • Here, we see another angle of the sneaker as well as the insole design.

  • Notice the thickness and amount of exposed foam at the edges of the tongue and sock lining.

  • Some replicas completely mess up the insole, so make sure the insole design is correct and in the right position on the insole.



  • Here is a closer photo of the heel tabs.

  • The embossed "LOGO" should be clean and easily legible.

  • The shape and curve of the heel tab are very important. The bottom should sit just above the lower-half of the heels.

  • Also, be sure to compare the clean stitching around the top of the heel tab.


Heel Tab Close Up

  • Continue to follow the previous comparison tips with this close-up shot.


Inner Panel One

  • Here is a better look at the left shoe inner-panel.

  • Compare the shape, sizing, and placement of the swoosh.

  • Notice the difference in the appearance of the black text on the middle side panel, this is due to the material and should look "faded" in comparison to the text on the left and right side panels.


Inner Panel Two

  • Here is a better look at the right shoe inner-panel.

  • Compare the shape, sizing, and placement of the swoosh.

  • Pay attention to the spacing of the stitching on the border of the swoosh.

  • You also get a good view of the "gridded" pattern of the material on the upper and the stitching on the toe box.


Box and Side Angle

  • Here is a good side-profile photo to compare the shoe's overall shape.

  • You can also see the box, box label, and compare the size and placement of the label.


Box Label

  • Here is a close-up photo of the box label.

  • Details are extremely important, there is little to no room for error since all of these are printed the same.

  • Compare the text font, size, placement, and spacing.

  • Different elements (like the Name, Size, Colorway, SKU, etc.) should line up the same and have the same relevant information.


Zip Tie

  • A common flaw with fake Off-Whites is the included zip-tie.

  • The entire surface of the zip-tie section should be a consistent glass finish. Many fakes have a distinct line between a gloss and a matte finish by the hole of the zip-tie.

  • Also, compare the text font, size, spacing, and placement.


This concludes the legit check reference guide. Always be smart and protect yourself when dealing with expensive pairs! If your gut says fake, trust your instinct and walk away from any uncomfortable deals!


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