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The Internet Scammers

I'm sure we've all seen them...

Full size runs of everything.

Early pairs.

Shoutouts to their "plug." 

Just everything WRONG about the online sneaker community.

Users like these are ruining the reputation of sneaker businesses who also promote and sell online. The community may sometimes feel wary now about any sale posts due to the overwhelming amount of people being scammed by internet frauds. It honestly pisses me off how so many people are trying to steal people's hard earned money. Some scammers may send fakes, some send boxes with potatoes, and others straight up don't send anything at all after they received payment.

While it may be impossible to weed out every scammer, there are plenty of safety measures people can take in order to avoid these accounts. When stumbling upon a profile selling hyped sneakers and streetwear, here are some big red flags to be aware of:

- CHEAP Prices! If it's way too good to be true, it is. 

- Full size runs! Most sellers will not have this type of access to rare, sought after items.

- Early pairs or "samples" sent from "the plug." Remember all those early "samples" of the Semi-Frozen Yeezy 350 V2s with no gum outsoles? Yeah everyone that copped took an L.

- WESTERN UNION! Stop paying people through Western Union! There is no way to protect yourself from scams. Pay through detailed PayPal invoices under "Goods and Services" to be safe! 

- Stock Photos! So many scammers just post stock photos of products like Box Logo Hoodies! Why? BECAUSE THEY DON'T ACTUALLY OWN ANY! Make sure post photos of inventory are actual in-hand photos WITH some sort of tag in the background. If they refuse to send tagged photos, they're a scam.

- Stealing photos! This one may be a little harder to catch, but it's something you still need to be aware of. Some profiles will take screenshots of posts from big companies like Urban Necessities, Round Two, Rif, and others, then repost those same pictures. If you're aware of consistent backdrops of these companies, you'll be able to spot them out better.

The internet is a great for uniting the community. Unfortunately, it's gotten a bad rep from all of the low-life scammers taking advantage of people. However, we can all take many preventative measures in order to avoid being a victim. I hope these tips will help you and others be smarter and safer online! 

If you are ever looking to cop some heat though, just be sure to hit us up and we'll take care of you the way you deserve to be treated! 

Stay safe fam! 

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