Savior Soles™ by Archangel Hype LLC.

Savior Soles™ by Archangel Hype LLC.

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Savior Soles™ by Archangel Hype is built to keep your soles clean and secure! 

Each pack comes with two high-quality 15" x 6" translucent sheets. Sheets will fit up to most standard US Men's Size 13 sneakers. Please contact us for longer lengths!


Savior Soles™ has been wear-tested on numerous occasions with different shoes on different terrain! Each pack can last over hundreds of wears, depending on how rough your treks are. The full-length traction texture provides enough grip for normal casual wear!


If you hate getting your fresh sneakers dirty, this is for you! Tired of yellowed outsoles? Annoyed with stepping in gum or gunk? Want to keep those crispy white bottoms clean?


Save Your Soles with Savior Soles™ now!


Want to see more? Here's a video link to our application tutorial:


Don't have a heat gun? We got you! Simply select "ADD ONE HEAT GUN" in the Set Quantity product options, Add to Cart, and we'll ship it with your order for just $20. That way, you'll have it ready to Save Your Soles!


*Savior Soles will ship via USPS. All other items ship via UPS. 


*WARNING: The use of Savior Soles may result in less traction while wearing your shoes. These are NOT intended for athletic purposes. Exercise caution when walking across wet and/or slippery surfaces. Improper use of Savior Soles in unsuitable environments can lead to falls, causing bodily injury. Users accept these risks and hold Archangel Hype LLC harmless when applying Savior Soles to their shoes. CAUTION: Use of a heat gun or high temp hairdryer can create extreme heat and cause burns.